7 ways to keep New Year's Resolutions

How do I carry through with my New Year's Resolutions?

How do I lose weight and stick to it?

How do I improve my business?

How do I become more successful?

How do I...

I get to ask so many questions like that at this time of a year.

The answers are easy, logical yet difficult when it comes to their execution...

1. Keep your goals, you can achieve them. What you can dream of you can have - that's how subconscious mind works.

2. Believe you can have what you want

3. If you have big goals, DECONSTRUCT them. It will make you feel more at ease, less frustrated and scared

4. If you fail, you fail...so what...just keep going. It took Edison 10 thousand attempts to come up with the light bulb only because he believed in himself and never gave up.

5. Failure is the path to success...people who don't fail can never learn from their mistakes and succeed

6. Find someone you will be accountable to...colleague, friend, coach, family member

7. Have fun with your goals

I wish you all the luck - well you make your own luck - and remember, keep going until you get there...

About the author:

Jana Green is a Success, Personal and Business Coach who helps people - both in business and privately - who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives. She helps them come up with a clear vision for what their lives would look like and coaches them through a very specific process that helps them achieve their dreams.

If you feel you want to progress in your life and so far it hasn't been happening as fast and efficiently as you imagined or have a friend/colleague who would be interested in finding out more how to take their life to the next level, get in touch.

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