The 11 Qualities of Success

I often get asked what is success and how to achieve it. Success is something what is studied and mastered over the years. It is a system of thoughts, attitudes and behaviours which are completely learnable, just like most business skills.

In order to succeed one must master:

  1. Goal orientation

  2. Continuous learning and development

  3. Time management

  4. Taking action immediately

  5. Relationship building and quality

  6. Health, diet, exercise

  7. Honesty, integrity and authenticity

  8. Self-discipline

  9. Self-confidence

  10. Self-respect

  11. Nothing is impossible attitude

Which of these qualities are lacking in your life? Don't worry everyone has a space for improvement, not just you...

I suggest you take this list and perform an audit of what you have mastered so far and what you can do better.

And then just work on it. If you get stuck and don't know how to get on with it, feel free to ask for help...

About the Author:

Jana Green is a Business Coach, Personal Mentor and Success Expert, who helps people - both in business and privately - who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives. She helps them come up with a clear vision for what their lives would look like and mentors them through a very specific personally tailored process that helps them achieve their dreams.

If you feel you want to progress in your life and so far it hasn't been happening as fast and efficiently as you imagined or have a friend/colleague who would be interested in finding out more how to take their life to the next level, get in touch.

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