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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Influencer.

Business Coach. Personal Mentor.

Hi, I’m Jana and I work with people who want to make their businesses and lives really successful.

  • Would you love to have consistently growing business or very successful personal life?


  • Are you hitting a wall, getting frustrated and feel stuck although you know you are very capable and deserve success? 

  • Do you currently feel drained with your life being slightly out of control and it is hard to make helpful decisions?


I wanted to be a real success. In business and personal life.

But it was not happening, no matter how hard I tried.

And trust me, I tried incredibly hard.

In the end, after trying so hard, the lack of success made me disillusioned, disheartened, depressed, unmotivated, stuck and fed up, just like you. I sought help from coaches, psychologists and other professionals. Without much of improvement.

I learned very quickly that none of them were able to help me.

But I refused to give up and admit defeat.

Instead, I decided to help myself.

And I did.


I began to extensively study coaching, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), DNA, neuroscience and quantum physics to ‘fix’ myself and developed my own ‘bullet-proof’ method of getting rapid results faster than I thought was possible.


Altogether with my MBA in Business, Finance, Management and directorship positions in Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann – Erickson plus my history of starting my first business only at 28 years of age, I was able to fix myself and become the successful woman I always wanted to be.


I can help you do the same...




Business knowledge

I have an extensive knowledge of business and management. I have been learning about the complexity of business since my early 20s. I was a Director of Strategic Planning & International Market Research Program at the biggest advertising agency in the world, I worked for world’s biggest organisations and I was able to observe some of the world’s top professionals at work, which I am grateful for.

I have been able to turn my client’s businesses around in a very short time. I have a proven record of increasing my client’s profits 700% in just one month.

I have successfully coached 100s of clients, whether they were making transition from corporate career into private sector or had a business which wasn’t performing as well as they imagined.

Psychology, Neuroscience, DNA, Quantum Physics

I have a deep knowledge of how our brains work and I have learned how to rewire them in order to be on our side and do the things we really want them to do successfully.

I specialise in creating successful mindset and self-confidence. I do so by increasing self-awareness, showing clients why they developed particular thought patterns and habits which are not helpful to them and changing them.

Unlike many other coaches I will make sure that my coaching and mentoring doesn’t stop until the new helpful habits are created and new permanent changes haven’t been made. That is a very unique approach which has the potential to once-for-all change and improve people’s lives for the better.

Coaching & Mentoring

I have been improving people’s lives all over the world for years now. I know how business and life work. I understand all the rules of success, and there are many. I am proud I can teach these to my clients and I take a great pleasure at watching them prosper. Every single day.


I do have the reputation of being very persistent and not understanding the word NO.

I have always had the attitude of “Nothing is impossible” and I am known for getting things done.

I can’t even count all the times when I helped clients who were told by other so called professionals they cannot be fixed. I don’t believe any of that and I will get you the results you want.


What is great about working with me is the fact that I managed to build a team of great professionals who work with me and my clients, including: marketing strategist, social media experts, marketing support company, top lead generation specialist, accountant, financial advisor, graphic designer, SEO expert and many others. All of these people I absolutely trust, I have been choosing them carefully for years and I could recommend each and every one of them.

That will take all worries away from you and you can focus on your top priorities.

Jana's corporate clients include:

Oracle, Intermec by Honeywell, L’Oreal, Renault, Peugeot, Mothercare, Mars, Coca Cola, Publicis Group and many others.

Take Action NOW!

Get in touch and let me help you achieve all your goals.


"I love that I can finally be myself. I suffered from anxiety attacks and felt my life was going nowhere. I was taught how to cope with challenging situations and my emotions. After a few sessions I started feeling I am getting my life back and I am in control of how I let anyone or anything affect my life. Why don't they teach these things in schools?!"

  Recent Personal client