Position yourself to win clients!!

Recently I visited a networking event.

Met some nice people and as usual there were more coaches in the room. I always welcome that fact. I like observing people and a little competition keeps one on their toes.

When one of the coaches approached me, this is how some of the conversation went:

Me: "Hi Darren, what do you do?"

Darren: "I’m a Business Coach."

We had a little chat which left me feeling slightly uninspired.

Couple of minutes later someone else came up to me and asks me the same question:

"What do you do, Jana?"

And my reply was: "I help clients double or triple their income while they de-stress and enjoy what they do.”

Which one of us walked out with a couple of new clients you think?

Both Darren and I are Business Coaches.

When Darren said "I am a Business Coach" he only told me his job title. He did not tell me how he could improve my life.

On the other hand I know that if I want to sell my services or products successfully, I have to sell how I can IMPROVE someone's life and what OUTCOMES they can expect.

You can do what I did and next time you meet a prospect, don't tell them what you do, tell them how you can improve their life!!

About the author:

Jana Green is a Success, Personal and Business Coach who helps people - both in business and privately - who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives. She helps them come up with a clear vision for what their lives would look like and coaches them through a very specific process that helps them achieve their dreams.

If you feel you want to progress in your life and so far it hasn't been happening as fast and efficiently as you imagined or have a friend/colleague who would be interested in finding out more how to take their life to the next level, get in touch.

For more advice, contact Jana Green on 07896023038 or via email at jana@janagreen.co.uk

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