The “Problem Solving” Formula

Jana Green Problem Solving

We all know that life continuously throws challenges in our way. What makes successful people successful are their excellent problem solving skills. They tackle problems immediately and they don't run away from them. If you want to be successful you need to learn how to solve problems efficiently and in timely manner. Imagine how your life would be like if you mastered problem solving and turned into someone who is in charge of your life. Sounds nice doesn't it? Well here are just a couple of tips to begin with: 1. Admit there is a problem. Stop pretending it doesn't exist and you are half way there. 2. Say to yourself: "I'm a successful person. I can do this easily, on time and with style." 3. Now take a minute and picture you deal with the situation calmly and efficiently. 4. Define the problem very specifically. 5. Gather all the information necessary to give you the overall picture of the current situation. 6. Brainstorm all the possible solutions. 7. Make a decision how you want to solve the problem to get the best result. 8. Delegate responsibilities for the solution execution along with "who, when and to what standard". 9. Set a reporting schedule. 10. Give someone the responsibility for actioning your "rescue plan". 11. Stay informed and in control throughout the whole process.

When you learn how to deal with difficult situations and everyday challenges you will improve your life significantly. If you need any help we would like to hear about it.

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