Your  relationship to money can have a big impact on your life.


one of the biggest hang-ups people have.

What relationship to money you have, determines how successful you will be.

Our money beliefs are usually inherited from our parents and their financial experience and views of the world.

Some unhelpful beliefs preventing us from growing successfully could look like this:

Start learning how to succeed in your life with the process of goal setting.

This list of beliefs is endless.

Once you let go of everything what is unhelpful to you and you create new helpful thoughts and beliefs, your life will start improving immediately...

  • There’s an invisible ceiling keeping you from achieving the financial success you really want

  • You put off looking at your bank account because dealing with money or the lack of it is making you anxious or ill.

  • You are afraid if you get rich because you will lose friends and family will look at you differently.

  • Making money is immoral and rich people never make their money in a decent way.

  • Money is a source of evil.


  • You don't want to turn into insufferable workaholic, because they don't enjoy life.

  • Money can compromise who you are and your values.

  • You are uncomfortable, or scared to spend money or invest in yourself and your business.

  • You are constantly worried that if you don't save every penny, you will lose your house, your car, children will not be able to attend private schools, etc.

  • You would like to shop at Harrods but Primark will do because there are a lot of people in the world who are far worse off than you and that makes you feel guilty.

  • You are too busy already to take your business to another level.



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