How to deal with criticism...

There are two kinds of criticisms.

There is constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is basically a healthy feedback. Something everyone successful will be grateful for.

Then there is also useless criticism everyone should simply disregard because the information given does not add any value, is irrelevant or is done with the intent to hurt.

Let's go back to constructive criticism...

Every criticism hurts a little bit, but the constructive one has a huge value for us. So get past the initial hurt fast. Put your emotions and attachments aside. Remember that constructive criticism is there to help us improve. Improvement can mean less financial loss, making more money, saving relationships, simply all positive things.

Receiving criticism is like a little gift from someone who has our best interest at heart and wants us to do better in our life.

And when you get a present, you usually say thank you. So be grateful to the person who invested their time, emotions and energy to help you. And most likely for free as well!! Saying thank you to someone who criticised you will also encourage them to help you again next time.

Ask them why they think you are making a mistake and how you should fix it. Listen to them. You will learn a lot.

Then apply it immediately. And try to spot it every other time you make the mistake again. Only this way you will create a new habit which will lead you to success.

I want to wish you good luck and patience dealing with all sorts of criticisms in a more confident and comfortable way...

About the author:

Jana Green is a Success, Confidence and Business Coach who helps people - both in business and privately - who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives. She helps them come up with a clear vision for what their lives would look like and coaches them through a very specific process that helps them achieve their dreams.

If you feel you want to progress in your life and so far it hasn't been happening as fast and efficiently as you imagined or have a friend/colleague who would be interested in finding out more how to take their life to the next level, get in touch.

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