Overcoming Fear of Rejection in Sales

Today we will talk about the fear of rejection and its effect on us in selling our products, services and ideas.

Rejection is unpleasant for all of us in all areas of life. We all suffered from being rejected by our parents, teachers, friends, partners or colleagues at some point. We might have developed anxiety and fear from going through the pain again. And now it is stopping us from progressing in our lives. From selling a really good product or service.

In order to get rid of the fear of rejection we need to flip it. Meaning we need to stop perceiving rejection as negative and make it positive......

Think of it this way:

Every rejection is a gift. Free gift we get from a complete stranger:

1. People who reject us are saving us time, effort, energy and money by telling us they wont be doing business with us. Definitely beats waiting around for some deal confirmation and having hopes which will not materialize. The rejection makes us free to talk to people who want us.

2. They allowed us to practise our pitch on them for free. You never get anything free here. So this isn't so bad, is it? ;-)

3. If we are smart enough we could ask them to be brutally honest with us and tell us what put them off buying from us. And that is a market research done free of charge.....sounds good to me!!

4. Then we can implement changes into our pitch based on what people tell us - price comparisons, varied level of service, lack of confidence, etc........in hope that next time it will be just perfect.

5. Meeting a person who wont do business with us cant stop us from asking them if they know anyone who may need help.......that could be a new potential customer who we spent £0 on with our marketing efforts.

6. Sales is just a numbers game. We all know Pareto law and the 90/10 rule.....so every rejection brings us closer to the 10% who will buy from us......excellent news......

7. Never take rejection (not talking about rudeness) personally.....we don't know if someone's circumstances changed between the time of our first phone call and the actual meeting.....maybe the buyers mother died, spouse was taken to hospital or financial circumstances changed.....very good chance it was not our fault someone didn't buy from us......

8. Each time you get a rejection, remember two words: NEXT please.......no point in wasting energy and being down. Just immediately start thinking of the next person you will approach and sell to........positive energy attracts positive results!!

9. Every time you have butterflies in your stomach, being anxious and disappointed because someone didn't buy from you, you can tell every negative thought where to go in your own words.....or simply tell the thought: NOT INTERESTED, THANK YOU. And if you repeat it each time you feel butterflies and funny stomach, in time you notice that your anxiety will disappear altogether.

10. Keep repeating to yourself EVERY DAY that you are excellent, great sales person, great negotiator, that people like you, that you are very professional and you will do just great......

Good luck!!

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