Angry people - how to deal with them...

The best managers know a little secret. They mastered this one thing to never lose a customer, client, colleague or trust of anyone important in their lives.

We all get angry and upset. It would be strange if we didn't. But have you ever noticed how different people deal with angry people? The worst thing you can do in that very moment when you are facing someone angry or upset is to dismiss their feelings and attack them back.

So here is the golden rule:

When facing someone angry, instead of getting wound up yourself, sit down with them and ask these 3 words: TELL ME MORE......

Get curious, ask that person what made them angry, ask them to tell you their "story" and listen TILL THEY ARE DONE. Hear them out.

Then analyze if what they are telling you might be true or not. Remember, they are giving you invaluable information FREE OF CHARGE.

What happens then is a little miracle. They will feel you care about them, about their opinions, about their feelings.

And you will build bridges. Your connection will deepen and so will the trust.

They will remember you. Because you were there for them and didn't arrogantly dismissed them. And if you are super smart you might learn a lesson in there too. About yourself, your services, your products, your attitude.

And we all know there is nothing better for our business than a loyal customer. So make one, don't lose one....

While you are at it, feel free to try the same technique with your spouse, children, parents or friends. It may change a lot of things in your life if you do.

Good luck and let me know how it worked out!!

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