7 Components of a Happy Life

For hundreds and thousands of years philosophers, scientists and psychologists examined the phenomenon called ”happiness”. They defined these 7 factors to be the biggest contributors to our happiness: 1. Peace of mind - we all desire to be peaceful. 2. Health and energy - in order to live our lives fully we need our health 3. Love and relationships - these are a real measure of how we are doing as human beings 4. Financial freedom - to feel at ease we don't want to worry about money 5. Set worthy goals. 6. Self-knowledge and self-awareness - we want to know who we are, what are our values and what we stand for. 7. Personal fulfilment - we have a need and strong desire to realize our full potential.

So take first steps towards your happiness today! If you would like some help and direction or practical steps we would love to hear about it.

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Jana Green 7 Ingredients to Happy Life

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